Custom Development

Since CUSABIO has been established, we focus on the whole process of research and preparation of biological active raw materials, which covering from design to application of proteins, antibodies, enzymes and other biological molecules. If you choose Wuhan Huamei Biotech Co.,LTD.◎Industrial Raw Materials Division, you will have a team from basic to applied research to provide you with customized solutions.Our team will aim to provide rapid, effective and safe product development and transformation.

  • ✔ Customer focus
  • ✔ Comprehensive technology accumulation and practice
  • ✔ Open and agile efficient team
  • ✔ Strict quality control ensures deliverability
  • ✔ Perfect after-sales service team

Custom Development of Immunodiagnostic Raw Materials

Diagnostic recombinant protein expression

Industrial grade protein fermentation

Industrial grade protein purification

Industrial grade protein lyophilized

Industrial enzyme custom development

Diagnostic McAb customization

Diagnostic PcAb customization

Humanized antibody customization

Industrial grade antibody production

Custom Development of Enzyme Raw Materials for Molecular Diagnosis

► Protein Fermentation and Purification

Project requirement
(Plasmid, Bacterial suspension)

Customized protein fermentation and purification
(Process optimization,Sample test)

Scale up production
(Capacity Assurance,Quality Assurance)

► Custom Development of Enzymes

Upstream design and optimization
(Available resources, Quick screening)

Protein fermentation and purification
(Mature platform, scheme optimization, sample test)

Ultra clean molecular enzyme production
(Capacity assurance, Quality assurance)

► Molecular Detection Kit Development

Primers and probes design and optimization

Raw material screening or customization
(Existing platform, Quick screening)

Customization system debugging
(Targeted additive scheme, performance verification scheme)

Kit formulation and production
(Cost control, Quality assurance)