T5 Products

With the rapid development of second-generation sequencing technology, sequencing and related technologies are becoming more and more mature and deepening to the direction of high precision and high throughput. Traditional sequencing methods have high requirements on sample size, and many precious samples are difficult to meet the requirements, so the technology that can reduce the sample size needs to be developed. In addition, Tn5 transposable enzyme can fragment DNA and add the splinter sequence to both sides of the target sequence in library construction, which greatly reduces the experimental process and reduces the need for sample size. Therefore, the application of Tn5 transposase in the field of biotechnology has been gradually developed, such as CUT&Tag, stLFR and TRACEseq technologies are the research results of the application of Tn5 transposase in the field of apparent sequencing, long fragment sequencing and transcriptome sequencing.