Protein Expression Service

Wuhan Huamei Biotech Co., Ltd. Molecular Enzyme Platform has successfully expressed more than 120 molecular enzymes and their mutants, 6 common protein cleavage enzymes, more than 20 cytokines, and various heterologous proteins from animals and plants. It has provided customers with a large number of high-purity, low-cost, high-activity recombinant proteins that have been well validated in high-standard scenarios such as diagnostics and industry.

Sharing platform capabilities with customers, undertaking: development of molecular enzymes and special-purpose enzymes, antigen expression, cytokine expression, and expression of other heterologous proteins from animals and plants.

Why choose us?

  • ✔ We has the ability to develop and customize special enzymes and services.
  • ✔ We relies on the technical accumulation of high-demand scenarios to reduce the dimensionality of services to achieve the development and preparation of proteins with low solubility, multiple disulfide bonds, difficult or non-expression, and low expression levels.

Service platform:

E. coli expression system and mammalian expression system

What do customers need to provide?

Just raise your demands and leave the rest to us. From sequence analysis, gene synthesis, vector construction to protein expression and purification, one-stop service.

Service Name Deliverables Cycle
Standard (E. coli) 1mg target protein, purity above 85% 6-8 weeks
Supernatant Guaranteed (E. coli) 1mg target protein, purity above 85% 6-8 weeks
Yeast Recombinant Protein Expression 1mg target protein, purity above 85% 10-12 weeks
Mammalian Cell Transient Transfection Expression Target protein obtained from the system 6-8 weeks
Mammalian Cell Stable Transfection Expression Stable cell line 4-6 months

Customer Case:

1. Industrial customer, by modifying the expression vector, the expression level of the target protein has increased by more than 20 times.

Customer Case 1

2. Special-purpose enzyme customization: High-activity enzyme protein was obtained by optimizing the purification process, with no residual host nucleic acid and nuclease contamination.

Customer Case 2

3. Cytokine customization: High-activity cytokine protein was screened out through multiple fusion expressions after tag removal. High-activity cytokines with a purity of over 95% and no endotoxins were obtained through the combined purification of various purification processes.

Customer Case 3

4. Customization of low-solubility, multi-disulfide bond proteins: In the early stage, the scientific research customer sent the protein expression service to several companies with poor results. Through the special vector constructed by HuaMei Bio Molecular Enzyme Platform, the low-solubility protein with 5 pairs of disulfide bonds was successfully expressed in the supernatant. The customer tested and gave feedback that the activity was good, solving the long-standing experimental problem.

Customer Case 4