Analysis of Cardiovascular Disease Marker---FDP

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Plasmin is a kind of serine protease.when free from inhibitors, itdigests fibrin/fibrinogen.TheProducts generated fromfibrin/fibrinogen decomposition by plasmin are collectively referred to as FDP.FDP is a mixture ofpeptide fragment, such as X-fragment, Y-fragment, D-fragment, D-Dimer.Their molecular weights depend on the extension of the digestion.

FDP are present inclotting andfibrinolysis activity. Measurement ofFDPproducts may be useful in diagnosing clinical coagulation.In particular,disseminated intravascular coagulation syndrome (DIC), which is known to develop due to severe hyperfibrinolysis or hypercoagulation, is diagnosed and followed-up bymeasuring the FDP level as one of essential indices.

Anti-FDP monoclonal antibodies
Two latest anti-FDP monoclonal antibodies have been developed by CUSAg. On the LETIA, multiple clinical samples have been respectively tested by self-made anti-FDP antibody and high-quality kit, the results had good correlation between them . This product can be used for IVD assay development.



Target species


Host animal

Mice Balb/c

Cell line used for fusion




Purification method, purity

Protein G affinity chromatography,>90%(SDS-PAGE)


MAb solution in Nacl with 15 mM NaN3 (pH 7.2)


ELISA, LETIA and other possible application

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Note: Product contains sodium azide as a preservative. Although the amount of sodium azide is very small, appropriate care must be taken when handling this product.

Calibration curve

The humanFDP reacts with the anti-humanFDP antibody-coated latex, resulting in agglutination and increase in turbidity. Turbidity changes are then measuredbyusing a spectrometer to quantitatively measure theFDP concentration in the sample. The linear relationship is shown in Figure 1. There is significant linear correlation between the FDP concentration and absorbance.


Fig.1 Calibration curve forFDP on CUSAg LETIA platform


Clinical analysis

An amount of samples from donors(n=54) were respectively detected by the high-quality kit and FDP LETIA.The results revealed good correlation between FDP between CUSAg FDP LETIA assays and other comparison kits,and the sensitivity reached to 1 µg/mL.


Fig.2 Comparison betweenFDPLETIAanddiagnostickit



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