Molecular Biology

Taq DNA Polymerase

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5 U/µL,500 U; 5 U/µL,2500 U; 5 U/µL,5 KU;
Product Specification:

Product Introduction

Taq DNA polymerase is a recombinant, heat-resistant DNA polymerase. It was named Taq polymerase because it was discovered in the thermophilic aquatic bacterium Thermus aquaticus in hot springs. It has 5'-3' polymerase activity and 5'-3' exonuclease activity.

Product Feature

- High purity: purity >95%, no residual nuclease, low residual host gDNA;

- Good compatibility: compatible with multiple Buffers, active at pH 8.3-11.6;

- High sensitivity: improved template affinity through modification, increasing the detection sensitivity of low concentration templates;

- Good specificity: electrophoresis detection of target band is single, no tailing;

Product Application

- Routine PCR amplification


- Fluorescent quantitative PCR

- Product can be directly TA cloned

Product Data

SDS-PAGE electrophoresis purity

Line 1、2、3:CSB-DEM023 Taq DNA Polymerase

Line 4:A certain brand of Taq DNA polymerase

Figure 1. SDS-PAGE electrophoresis purity detection of CSB-DEM023 Taq DNA Polymerase and similar products.



Amplification of different fragment lengths.

Line1-5:Fragment size 460/750/1500/2100/3900bp

M:Trans8K DNA Marker

Figure 2. Electrophoresis test results of CSB-DEM023 Taq DNA Polymerase.


Comparative testing with competitive enzymes.

Figure 3. qPCR was performed on plasmid templates with different copy numbers of 5000, 500, 50, and 5 copies using CSB-DEM023 Taq DNA Polymerase and similar products. It can be seen that CSB-DEM023 Taq DNA Polymerase has excellent linearity and amplification efficiency in the lower template concentration range.