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HS-Taq DNA Polymeras

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5 U/µL,500 U; 5 U/µL,2500 U; 5 U/µL,5 KU;
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Product Introduction

HS-Taq DNA polymerase is an antibody-blocked thermostable polymerase. Its polymerase activity is completely inhibited at room temperature, thus avoiding non-specific amplification and primer dimerization during the preparation of the PCR reaction system and other operations. During the 95°C pre-denaturation process, the antibody will denature and inactivate, releasing the activity of Taq DNA polymerase. This step will not affect subsequent PCR reactions, but will increase the specificity of PCR.

Product Feature

- High sensitivity: Excellent amplification sensitivity to meet low template requirements.

- Excellent multiplex amplification capability: Simultaneous detection of multiple target genes, suitable for the development of multiplex PCR kits.

- Good stability: Stable reagent performance after being placed at 37°C for 14 days or undergoing 40 freeze-thaw cycles.

Product Application

- Suitable for conventional PCR reactions, amplification of complex templates, low copy templates, etc.

- Multiplex PCR experiments

- Quantitative PCR experiments, etc.

Product Data

Comparison test with competitive enzymes.

Figure 1. Using a certain brand of probe detection kit, replacing the components in the kit with CSB-DEM024 HS-Taq DNA Polymerase for qPCR, it can be seen that HS-Taq DNA Polymerase has a certain improvement in sensitivity and amplification efficiency.


Accelerated stability.

Figure 2. CSB-DEM024 HS-Taq Accelerated thermal stability of DNA Polymerase at 37℃.


Specific amplification capability

Template: Human genomic DNA

Line 1, 2, 3: Hot start Taq DNA polymerase

Line 4, 5, 6: Regular Taq enzyme

M: Trans2K DNA Marker

Figure 3. Specific amplification ability of CSB-DEM024 HS-Taq DNA Polymerase.