Molecular Biology

Hemo Taq DNA Polymerase (Blood-resistant)

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5 U/µL,500 U; 5 U/µL,2500 U; 5 U/µL,5 KU
Product Specification:

Product Introduction

Hemo Taq DNA polymerase is a new generation of hot start Taq DNA polymerase modified by the antibody method and upgraded. The modified Taq DNA polymerase has high resistance to widely used potent PCR inhibitors. This enzyme can amplify DNA in human and mouse whole blood samples without prior purification. Blood Taq DNA polymerase can tolerate up to 20% whole blood in a 25 μL reaction system (tolerate 30% in a 50 μL reaction system).

Product Feature

- Can cope with the amplification of blood extraction samples and blood lysis crude products;

- Good impurity tolerance, suitable for a variety of detection scenarios.

Product Application

- PCR, qPCR, blood-resistant qPCR

Product Data

High sensitivity

Figure 1. Amplification sensitivity of CSB-DEM044 HemoTaq DNA Polymerase.


Thermal stability

Figure 2. CSB-DEM044 Hemo Taq DNA Polymerase accelerated at 37°C for 0 days, 7 days, and 14 days, with good stability.


Direct amplification of blood by ordinary PCR


Line 1, 2: Brand Y Blood-resistant Enzyme

Line 3, 4: Brand B Blood-resistant Enzyme

Line 5, 6: Hemo Taq DNA Polymerase

Figure 3. CSB-DEM044 Hemo Taq DNA Polymerase direct blood expansion.