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Product Introduction

CRISPR-Cas13a protein has two HEPN domains and is a single-structure protein of the CRISPR-Cas system, with a size of 138.5KDa. Cas13a is an effector protein of the type VI CRISPR-Cas system, with RNA-mediated RNA endonuclease activity. It is a guide RNA-mediated RNA-targeting endonuclease system, which has great value for the development and research of RNA tools and the expansion of the application of CRISPR systems in gene editing.

Product Feature

- Cas13a is currently the only protein discovered in the second largest class of CRISPR-Cas systems that can degrade and edit RNA.

Product Application

- In vitro RNA cleavage;

- In vitro RNA detection;

-Regulation of RNA in living cells, RNA gene editing;

- Optical probe biological labeling, etc.

Product Data

SDS-PAGE electrophoresis


Figure 1. SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis Image of CSB-DEM038 Cas13a Protein.